Slavyanka Chorus - Members and Guests

We are a community of singers, alumni singers, supporters, and listeners – people like you who come because they love and are moved by what they hear.

Slavyanka performing Chorus  2020

The performing chorus is a group of  singers who have volunteered  to  join the chorus , regularly attend rehearsals , perform in concerts as scheduled and agreed to support the Chorus with their time, talents and treasures. The suggested minimum annual financial support donation  is $300 .  Singers may pay this online annually, monthly or in other amounts as they are able.

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Slavyanla Russian Chorus 2020

1st Soprano2nd Soprano1st Alto2nd Alto
Ellen DemoradJudith IversonBettina GrayLauren Carley
Karina Ghor
Amy KellyKatherine GundlingAnna Danich
Elena Gurevich
Lindsay MugglestonDeborah KanofskyZhanna Goldfine
Susan LambertJeannie Whalen
Natalia KuznetsovaElizabeth Groch
Olga MedvedkoHelen Wiant
Gordana Mihajlovich
Litz Plummer
Anne Schoepp

Donna Warrington

1st Tenor2nd Tenor1st Bass2nd Bass
John(Jay) KuhlmanPaul AndrewsMaurice BellJohn Mark Agosta
Dmitry VolkMarc LambertNorm GelbartGeorge Cheremeteff
Tom WarringtonMichael MurphyKen MitchellRon Cohen

Kihrill MogilevJohn ZornNelson Max

Lazo Mihajlovich
Rene Minneboo

Paul Tavernier
  • Charlie Anderson
  • Wes Harrington
  • Charlie Hogle
  • Tony Husch
  • John Hutchinson
  • Tom Kerr
  • Michael Maeder
  • Deane Merrill
  • Michael Peterson
  • Bob "Red" Raber
  • Fred Ruhland
  • Ed Swenson
  • Robert Teets
  • Charlie Wynn